Thursday, 29 October 2015

November 50% OFF Originals Art Sale Comic Portraits / Sketches

For any comic lovers out there these sketches are available in the November 50% OFF Originals sale. These usually range in price from $150-$300 but for this month they are $75 CAN each. A couple of them have gone already - get in touch with me here or at for any inquiries.
To purchase directly go to
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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Upcoming November Originals Sale - 50% OFF Selected Orignal Artwork

This doesn't officially start until Nov. 1 but I wanted to give everyone a heads up. I usually do an original art sale for the month of November. This year I will be offering selected pieces at 50% off to the general public - I usually only offer that price to repeat customers and clients on sales. The majority of my work will be at that deal. If there is anything you've been interested in or looking for a gift - prices will start at $65.00 and up for unique pieces - doesn't get much better than that. To see what's available check out the link below (listed at non-sales price). Drop me a line here or at for any inquiries or info. Thanks for the continued support. PLEASE feel free to repost and share.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Listen 4 and 5 on Display - Art Store of Waterloo Gallery

For the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Lovers I will be displaying Listen 4 and 5 paintings at the public gallery owned by the Art Store in Waterloo for the month of October. It's an wonderful space to display and the owners have always been amazing as a regular customer (in business since 1987). On display are over a dozen local artists' work and you can't compare seeing a piece in person to on a screen. The address is 91 Caroline St. S. Waterloo (parking behind Waterloo Town Square, most of the road cons. is done) and the hours are 10-7 Mon-Sat., noon-5 on Sunday. It's a great chance to check out both paintings in person and support an amazing local business.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Listen 6 work in progress - Preparatory drawing

Just wrapping up the canvas sketch-up on the next painting in the Listen series. It's inspired by the Book of Job. It's gonna be a big boy - 2'x3' and a long hauler - about 6 weeks, 200+hours of work. The long term plan with the series in to produce 10-15 paintings and 10 drawings and put together a public showing - gallery or otherwise along with a hardcover book down the line. This is turning into a real labour of love and I'm grateful that I can work on pieces like this. If you want to support getting to these goals and enjoy the work the best way to do it is to purchase a print, notebook, journal or a set of cards. $20-30 is a huge help and makes a big difference. Hope you enjoy the work and god bless.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Listen 5 Portrait Painting

Listen 5
12"x16", acrylic on birch panel.
Finished up Listen 5 today. I really love it, had to challenge myself and it was a little victory which was needed. Large parts of the last couple of months have been very frustrating and discouraging and it's easy to embrace and fester in that mindset. I'm very blessed to be surrounded by amazing people and have a spouse who loves and supports me unconditionally. We are starting a new chapter in the next couple of weeks and I couldn't be happier... very lucky. For those interested the original and prints are available and can be purchased at:
Thanks for the continued support and god bless.

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