Thursday, 27 August 2015

Listen 4 Progress

A few more days progress on Listen 4 (3 on the background, 3 on the face) pretty happy so far. I didn't want to go with "pretty" on this one. I wanted the subject to be fairly ambiguous in her expression so the viewer can fill in the emotional narrative. I'm really focusing on the skin quality and having it feel a little open ended. Not the best photo, it's not this de-saturated but the overall feel is pretty close.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Listen 4 progress and revising Listen 1

Just got the next painting in the Listen series worked out to the canvas. I'm revisiting the framework of the first one - it's a bit bigger and hopefully I can bring a bit more maturity and experience to it from both a technique standpoint and a few other areas. I've gotten constant requests for a colour version of the original and I'm hoping to take it much further. There will be prints available and I will post as much as I can as the process develops.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Listen 3

Listen 3
30"x15", acrylic on canvas
The latest addition to my #Listen series. I've wanted to do a composition using #Doves for a while and I think everything came together at the right time for a variety of reasons.
The original is for sale - contact me for pricing. I will be doing the first run of prints Aug. 21st, 2015. They are offered at 17"x11" - $23 and 24"x12" - $115 (large prints can be framed upon request), drop me a line here or at with any inquiries. You can also purchase directly at
If you like the work and want to support it the best way to do it is to purchase a print. These are all personal works and I'd like to invest more of my time in them. Thanks for the past and continued support, it is appreciated.

#listen #art #spiritual #doves #god #brentschreiber

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Listen 2 and Smaug on display Art Store of Waterloo - August

For the #Kitchener #Waterloo Art Lovers I will be displaying #Listen 2 and the #Smaug portrait #paintings at the Gallery owned by the #Art Store in Waterloo for the month of August. It's an wonderful space to display and the owners have always been amazing as a regular customer (in business since 1987). On display are over a dozen local artist's work and you can't compare seeing a piece in person to on a screen.
The address is 91 Caroline St. S. Waterloo ON (parking behind Waterloo Town Square) and the hours are 10-6 Mon-Sat. It's a great chance to check out both paintings in person and support an amazing local business.