Thursday, 13 August 2015

Listen 3

Listen 3
30"x15", acrylic on canvas
The latest addition to my #Listen series. I've wanted to do a composition using #Doves for a while and I think everything came together at the right time for a variety of reasons.
The original is for sale - contact me for pricing. I will be doing the first run of prints Aug. 21st, 2015. They are offered at 17"x11" - $23 and 24"x12" - $115 (large prints can be framed upon request), drop me a line here or at with any inquiries. You can also purchase directly at
If you like the work and want to support it the best way to do it is to purchase a print. These are all personal works and I'd like to invest more of my time in them. Thanks for the past and continued support, it is appreciated.

#listen #art #spiritual #doves #god #brentschreiber

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